TEDActive 2011 – TED 2010 Aftershock – Social Networks

Last year, one of the most meaningful speakers to me was Nicholas Christakis on the “hidden influence of social networks”….

Nicholas Christakis – TED 2010

The big idea (supported by rigorous data analysis) was that people within 3 degrees removed from me have a surprisingly powerful but hidden influence over me.

So one of the first things I do when I get home is add 10 people I want to make sure I stay connected to to my LinkedIn network, and I’m blown away that each and every one is precisely 3 degrees removed from my current networks.

This means that all the people I added were already influencing me without me knowing it, but they’ve now popped from the edge of my universe to the center.  Even intriguing to see the pathway to each revealed by LinkedIn.

Thanks TED! Guess this means we can now all reach out another 3 degrees 🙂

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