TEDActive 2011 – Digest

TEDActive 2011 is over.  Back to reality Monday.  It will surely be a while before I fully assemble meaning, but thought it might be helpful for my own recollection to assemble my personal highlights in a digest.  So here goes….

TED Talks from 2011…

Shared seeds of wisdom

  • Where the unconscious mind, and human nature meet public policy (David Brooks)
  • Leadership in a virtual world (Stanley McChrystal)
  • Social danger ahead if we all live in our own personal bubble (Eli Pariser)

Inspired my heart

  • Creating a global virtual choir (Eric Whitacre)
  • Speaking poetry (Sarah Kay)
  • Revealing simple art as change (JR)
  • Reinventing education through YouTube (Salman Kahn)

Intrigued me with creepy technical wonders…

  • Making anything taste good (Homaru Cantu)
  • Reversing evolution (Jack Horner)

Pulled back the curtain further on life’s simple wonders

  • Variation on building blocks of life (Felisa Wolfe-Simon)
  • Beauty of the luminescent deep sea (Edith Widder)

Amazed me with profound technological achievements

  • Every moment of life captured and analyzed (Deb Roy)
  • Synthetic silk as a “do anything” material (Fiorenzo Omenetto)

And redefined the limits of what’s possible with true human miracles

  • Enabling the lame to walk again (Dennis Hong), and
  • The blind to see (Dennis Hong)
  • Mind control (Ed Boyden)
  • Printing new body parts (Anthony Atala)

The TEDActive Projects, put forth seeds to…

  • Reinvent education by shifting power to students
  • Create swift impact through smart use of social networks
  • More efficiently use resources (incl mobility) by rebuilding social capital first

And I feel privileged to get to know many intriguing new people, including…

  • Someone who has decided to go to the moon to inspire his children and his homeland
  • Someone who aims to eradicate ubiquitous diseases no one else cares about (yet)
  • Someone who is reinventing exchange currency

…and many fabulous new friends.

Thanks, TED, for another inspiring year and a real world reminder that “there’s an app for that.”  I’m exhausted, but energized.  Not sure what I’m going to do with it all yet, but you’ve sure reset the bar higher for me.  Something tells me we’ll be doing more together between events until we gather again in 2012.

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