Burt Rutan

Light strong and unusual aircraft. No one born after 1935 has been to the moon. Soon there will be no one left on earth that has been to the moon. Not exciting our kids w true discovery and exploration. In 1908, only 12 pilots. By 1913 there were hundreds of aircraft types in 39 countries. Everyone who made a difference in airplane technology was a kid when airplanes were developed. 1960s there were nine space programs that launched. Society took risks. Followed by robotic missions and space stations. 5 man launched systems in next 42 years. Spaceship one program… Spaceship 2 may lead to first affordable orbital resort hotels. Today’s technology products are enablers, not goals. Kids need to be inspired by far out goals. Spaceship 1 program took 3.5 years… And first 2 years were covert. Future countries will be defined by beliefs, not geography.

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