Don Sadoway

Battery. Inability to store charge makes grid fragile. No right battery for all applications. Don’t pay for attributes you don’t need. Stationary batteries all about cost. Laptop $2000-3000 per kwh. Stationary storage needs to be $100 per kwh. Pumped hydro is geographically constrained. Look at only dirt cheap materials. Inspiration from device that consumes charge – an aluminum smelter. Magnesium and antimony w molten salt electrolyte. Team of 20 people w no battery experience. Enabled young people to change the world. 800 cells tested. New company named Ambri. 16 in gives 1 kwh now. Shipping container would give 2 MWH. Silent, emissions free, no moving parts, remote controlled… Hits market price wo subsidy. Choose to work on storage because it is hard. First commercial prototype in place early 2014.

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