Gary Vaynerchuk

Sales… The thank you economy. We Re living through the biggest culture shift of our time. Internet is only 18 yrs old. Where are my customers and how do I tell me story to them in the most compelling way. Social media. 95% of people have reconnected to people they had not spoken to in more an 10 years on Facebook. Context is king…. How do I buy permission that you will let me tell you about my product or service.hustle, caring and context. Technology doesn’t care. People who act most like the Flintstones are going to win. Join the cocktail party where it is. We have more relationships than our grandparents ever could. Information comes from friends w context. Brands build direct relationships w customers with emotional context. No more days about just talking about how much you love your customers. This equalizes the cash game between small and big companies. Give away the ip and capture value that comes back.

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