Jane McGonigal

Games. Show me the science! Going to increase lifespan of everyone in room by 7.5 minutes. Most frequent regrets on deathbed. 1. I wish I hadn’t worked so hard. I wish I had stayed in touch w friends. I wish I had let myself happier. I wish i had the courage to Express true self. Lived for own dreams instead of what others expected of me. Play games as a family. Play w friends. Got a concussion, and went through depression to point of suicidal thoughts. Jane the concussion slayer. Adopt secret identity, gather allies, design power ups. Renamed the game Superbetter! Became social media movement. Post traumatic growth… Aspects are same as regrets of dying. Four strength traits required…. +1 physical resilience. +1 mental resilience. Tackle simple task while not giving up. +1 emotional resilience… Think of baby something’s. +1 social resilience… Shake someone’s hand for 6 seconds… Touch. Superbetter app online. Snow World beat morphine for pain reduction in burn victims.

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