Koen Olthuis

Float. A blueprint for a better city. Architects are conservative. Demands change constantly. Cities are too slow and static. Build for change. Need to shorten response time by changing perception. Space… The elevator made possible the vertical city. Use space in water. Floating foundation made from concrete boxes. How to build a dynamic changeable city. Like personalizing your smart phone. Floating functions are software. Consumption urbanism. Create water zones we can build on. Need to get Koen as a speaker. Circulating water from sea as cooling mechanism. Amazing mosque design. Sea tree is 30m high building for animals. Brings wildlife back to cities. No footprint during lifespan. Green star hotel in Maldives. 1200 m across w plug and play star leaves. Flexible urban components because they float. Floating stadiums for Olympics. H2ope for wet slums.eg Lagos Nigeria.lease products as city apps. Makes adjacent land very productive. Also safer to be on top of water. Floating agriculture, sanitation, …. FLOAT. Flexible land on aquatic territory.

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