UP 2012. David Eagleman

Our perception of an event depends on what happens next. Now has already happened. We perceive a world about .1 sec in the past. Brain synchronizes things into common perceived time. Enables brain to recognize causality. Interaction with real world trains brain to synchronize. Credit misattribution may be an underlying time sequencing problem in schizophrenia. Can you see in slow motion when terrified? Indeed, people think their own fall takes longer, but speed at which information comes in is same. Time and memory are intertwined…. In essence we just record more info during a crisis. In other words, time is a function of memory storage rate. Kids store all raw new data, adults know patterns. Seek novelty in order to make it seem like you live longer… Eg drive home a different way, rearrange your desk. To slow time, seek novelty! Awesome 🙂

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