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TEDActive – Mobility Project Conclusion

March 9, 2011

Had a great week with the Mobility project team Рboth the work and getting to know a great crowd of interesting people.  Final blog post for the week is up on the team blog, so linking it here.

Remember, it’s about the journey, not the destination ūüėČ


Day 2 – Mobility Project – Possible Key Insights Emerge?

March 3, 2011

Excellent synergy discussions in the team last night.¬†¬† Beyond our published microaction, a few key general insights seemed to resonate…

  1. Focus on the social need – to connect with one another¬†– first, and then sharing (mobility, other…) can/will follow.
  2. Perhaps this is the next step in evolution of social networks, which are so far virtual and distant, but may be the platforms upon which real human social capital/trust can be rebuilt in our culture(s).
  3. TED itself is a social network, and might be a place to start and build on.


Day 1 – Mobility – Sharpening the Questions

March 2, 2011

The questions as of late tonight…

1. How do communities share and meet mobility needs?

2. How do communities share locally underutilized resources (reducing wasted mobility)?

3. How do people achieve meaningful emotional experiences virtually?

…by tapping real human behaviors in doing so… E.g. Rewards for sharing…

What if Facebook were about ‘I do’ more than ‘I like’? From Luis and Vico

What does the ‘app for that’ look like?


Day 0 – Mobility Project – Why do you move?

March 1, 2011

Up early for Day 1.¬† Noble intentions to blog last night crashed in face of jet lag following great ‘food truck party’ in hotel parking lot.¬†

But to start yesterday, we met up as a Mobility Project team for task 1 – what question are we trying to answer?¬† Lots of good discussion for grounding.¬† Mobility – what is it… does it include mobile phones as well as cars and bikes?¬† Easy to converge on concepts that mobility includes both movmement of physical stuff (people, goods), and¬†virtualizable information (ideas, money).¬† In many cases, substitution can enable tradeoffs (telecommuting), in others, not so much (did my new book come in the mail yet).¬†

Interesting aspects of the scope and scale of movement – across vs up/down, within 20 ft, across town, across the planet.¬† Wonder what a trace-plot of that would like for each of us?¬† How would ¬†our physical and virtual movements connect within ourselves and with each other.¬† Sense that the magic may lie in the ‘last mile’, especially in increasingly dense urban settings.¬†

Overall, a sense not so much of making the whole world smaller, but in making each of our *worlds* smaller… or maybe it’s about making ‘me’ bigger?¬† How can we connect across the virtual to solve a physical problem – a car or a hammer not in use?¬† What would viable business models look like?¬†

In the end, feels like the trend is about making it easier for each of us to bring 2 or more things together as fast as possible (instantly) as cheap as possible (free).

So in the end, an overarching question about how do we facilitate mobile, using social methods, in order to make our worlds more local.

But also an interesting question still worth peeling back… why do we move?¬† Fairly easy to map possibilities to our old friend Maslow, but Udayan makes the point that more specificity might be interesting.¬†¬†My favorite¬†new answers from food truck party chats last night:¬† because we’re made to (biology), and because it changes our perspectives (neurology).

Will be interesting to thread it back together at our next chat this morning.  Meanwhile, why do you move?