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Day 3 – Eli Pariser – Filter Bubble

March 3, 2011

I had no idea! Search and profiling has become so ubiquitous and ‘good’ that we each now live in separate ‘Filter Bubbles.’. Depending on your click history and where you are, you might have no idea something important happened today. What we each see is totally different – no wonder society is increasingly polarized! Watch for Eli’s book out in May.


Day 3 – Dennis Hong – Driving Blind ;-)

March 3, 2011

Dennis Hong’s talk about a car for the blind, is going to be one of the must see talks of TED 2011.

Day 3 – in short

March 3, 2011

Great TEDYou talk from Sebastian. The essence of TED is…

“What me worry, I’d rather wonder.”

Day 3 – TEDActive Education Project Microaction

March 3, 2011

Absolutely love the microaction from the education project team. Change education by enabling the students to step up and share. See the web site that already went live this morning Elev8ed

Day 3 – Creating Art with Your Eyes

March 3, 2011

Amazing team created EyeWriter as opensource freeware solution to allow artist called Tempt to draw again with his eyes using off the shelf parts.

Day 2 – JR – TED Prize 2011 – Street Art with Purpose

March 3, 2011

A fascinating graffiti artist turned street portrait photographer … with giant posters going up outside in public spaces. He will use his wish grant to launch a new project called InsideOut to enable ANYONE to upload a photo, then get back a poster to paste up in public yourself. See InsideOut Project

Day 2 – Salman Khan – Reinventing Education by Accident

March 2, 2011

Here’s a guy in NY Hedge Fund analyst who started simply posting math tutorials on YouTube for the benefit of his cousins in New Orleans. Once other students started watching, teachers picked it up, too. Now in pilot in one school, and has inverted the whole scheme. Kids have chosen to watch his lectures online at night and teachers use classroom for homework. Check out Khan Academy online. This one could be REALLY big! …and quite literally scalable across the whole world.