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Nilofer Merchant

February 26, 2013

Sitting is increasingly prevalent. Sitting is the ‘smoking’ of our generation. Go for a walking meeting. She goes 30-40 miles per week. Get out of the box – literally. Walk the talk… Walk and talk.


Keller Rinaudo

February 26, 2013

Robotic demo at Remotiv. Romo is a personal robot steered from your iPhone. Connect to iPad for real time video. The most compelling use cases in robotics are personal.

Jennifer Granholm

February 26, 2013

Former Governor of Michigan. 3 enigmas, 1 proposal. Enigma 1 – how do you create good jobs in America? Electrolux left Greenville. 50,000 factories closed from 2000-2010. Enigma 2 a how to solve climate change. Enigma 3 – how to solve gridlock in congress? Education.. Race to the top program put out a $4.5 policy that people competed for it. Why can’t we create a US national energy policy? 80% clean by 2030. Create a competition that respects states. Fosters innovation at the state level. ….or go around congress…. Create a private sector challenge? National Energy Policy from the bottoms up. We have a choice to be at the table, or on the table.

TED Active 2013

February 26, 2013

It’s time for TED 🙂

TEDActive 2012 Kickoff

February 28, 2012

Let the brain spa begin!

Benjamin Zander

October 27, 2011

Make a mistake, try saying “how fascinating” … Should be new name for close out panel of failure! You cannot play great music until your heart has been broken. My thought response to “I doubt it” is “I expect it”. Chamber Orchestra players happiest – orchestra players the least. My job is to awaken possibility in other people. Who am I being that my players eyes are not shining. Book = the Art of Possibility. Who will enroll whom. Has to be practiced. The downward spiral conversation vs stand in the middle of possibility. This is where vision lives. A vision has to be for everybody. Leader can never doubt for one moment the capacity of the people to do it. We can only see what we have categories for. Education is about creating new categories. Write a letter to yourself about why you got an A…. Dated in the vision of your future. Life – its all invented, so make it positive. Move the goal to the point that makes the eyes shine. Possibility is always only one sentence away!

Ron White

October 27, 2011

Memory expert. Your memory is a 1000 times better than you think it is. Focus file picture glue review. As you walk towards someone ask yourself what is their name? Later, when you see someone ask yourself what was the unique feature of their face. Pick 6 rooms in your house and 5 pieces of furniture in each room.