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Jennifer Granholm

February 26, 2013

Former Governor of Michigan. 3 enigmas, 1 proposal. Enigma 1 – how do you create good jobs in America? Electrolux left Greenville. 50,000 factories closed from 2000-2010. Enigma 2 a how to solve climate change. Enigma 3 – how to solve gridlock in congress? Education.. Race to the top program put out a $4.5 policy that people competed for it. Why can’t we create a US national energy policy? 80% clean by 2030. Create a competition that respects states. Fosters innovation at the state level. ….or go around congress…. Create a private sector challenge? National Energy Policy from the bottoms up. We have a choice to be at the table, or on the table.


TED Active 2013

February 26, 2013

It’s time for TED 🙂